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TechMan: Grassroots effort to give computers to those who can’t afford them

March 10, 2014 11:13 PM
By Ced Kurtz / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

One of the most ambitious programs to rehabilitate used computers and get them back into the community at low or no cost is concentrated here in Western Pennsylvania.
Computer Reach has worked with 824 volunteers over more than 13 years and has refurbished more than 5,700 computers. It has distributed computers in 14 countries and seven states — but a majority of the work is in Pittsburgh area neighborhoods.
The effort began in Pittsburgh in 2001 with eight volunteer computer techs, engineers and teachers working out of Dave Sevick‚Äôs garage rebuilding used Apple computers donated by local schools. To get them into the hands of underserved communities. members traveled to urban and rural food banks around Western Pennsylvania, seeking out people in need of technology …..

Read more of the Ced Kurtz article at the PG:

We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends – Feb 28 & Mar 7, 2014

Many thanks to Jessica Ruffin and her team of Pittsburgh Public Allies for a great day at the Computer Reach warehouse in Point Breeze on Feb 28, 2014. We welcomed 29 new volunteers !

And on March 7 2014 we added 6 new faces at Goodwill on the South Side. Here is the video of both days … with a tribute to our Friends … because we get by with a little help from our friends ….

Apples in Kenya – March 3, 2014

Dr. John Stanko of PurposeQuest distributed their first Apple computer today. The Apple computer was presented to Pastor Francis Odhiambo, founder of Upako Center in the Kawangware section of Nairobi. Francis has a school of 200 and an orphanage with 20 children.


For more information on this mission to Banana, Kenya … please go to the PurposeQuest interview:

Feb 22, 2014 Heart of Gold | Plum High School | East Liberty Presbyterian | ITT Tarentum

Please the find great Feb 22, 2014 group of volunteers at ITT Tarentum .. repairing hard drives and sorting RAM to help our charity serve those in many communities that have little or no access to technology …. Thanks ….

Wozniak praises Mim Bizic of Computer Reach

This is a short clip from a speech by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in Pittsburgh, PA … held at Heinz Hall as a feature of the Robert Morris Speakers Series:

… on Wednesday night Jan 29, 2014. You’ll see the full introduction of Woz and then mention of Mim’s influence on him when he was a practicing teacher (found at the 4 minute mark of the clip) .

Mim Bizic of Moon Township,PA was multi-year winner of the Apple Distinguished Educator Award while teaching the Quaker Valley Scholl District and good friend to Woz. She was able to incorporate the Apple II in all school topics.

For Mim, this was a tremendously moving moment to capture on video. Congratulations from all your Apple friends on this honorable mention in front of a packed auditorium by one of world’s best known icons in technology engineering.

876 Volunteer Faces

We are now 876 volunteers strong with new faces in this video from the Small Business Adminstration of Western PA, Shaler Middle School, DT Watson Friendship Academy, Margaret Milliones University Prep High School, Allegheny Community College, ITT Tech Tarentum, Duquesne University, and University of Pittsburgh.

Thank You all … as we celebrate 876 volunteers. At Computer Reach

FedEx and Apple … Jan 24, 2014

On a frigid January morning FedEx employees braved the cold to unload a truck full of 76 Apple Macintosh Computers … imaged them with 10.4.11 Tiger and then loaded them back onto the truck for delivery back to Construction Junction … then helped unload them all. A great team. Hope all the work kept you warm :-)


Dave and Peter …. at Computer Reach

THANK YOUs … Church, High Schools, Colleges, on Jan 10 + 11, 2014

THANK YOU Pittsburgh Public Schools, Allegheny Community College, University of Pittsburgh, Ben Avon Community Presbyterian Church and all the regular Apple and Linux recycling folks. Was a great Friday-Saturday double-header. Jan 10+11 2014

Computer Reach –

Jan 3, 2014 … 9 Volunteers process 65 computers

9 Volunteers attended Apple Recycling on frigid Jan 3, 2014 … at the South Side CRC for Goodwill of Southwest PA.

We meet every Friday at 2400 Carson Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203
9:30AM – 3:30PM

… please join us:

December 20 2013 – Getting Better All The Time – 2 big events in one day

A big day with volunteer team Shoefitrs, the Pittsburgh Public Schools and some new faces via Pittsburgh Cares.

A bigger night at ITT – Pittsburgh as we grow our operations on their campus beginning tonight 12-20-2013.

At Goodwill 2400 Carson:

80 Computers shipped
144 Computers shipped
20+ de-manufactured
10+ refurbished

and at ITT – Pittsburgh:

144 computers staged for triage and Apple imaging in 2014.

Happy Holidays everyone from Computer Reach ….

from …

Dave Sevick
Peter Carras