Computer Reach
Computer Reach
Computer Reach’s Mission: We are a volunteer-based humanitarian organization dedicated to the refurbishing of donated and used computer technology for placement, in cooperation with other organizations, in areas such as community centers, schools, libraries, and churches that have limited or no financial resources. We provide these computers with free educational software (requiring no Internet access), coupled with support and training, to ensure that the full potential of this technology can be realized to bridge the digital divide in a technology-driven world.

Computer Reach’s Vision: To positively impact disadvantaged people around the globe by providing technology, coupled with support and training in an economically viable and environmentally safe way.

Western Pennsylvania is 85% of our public service effort ... in low income, mostly rural and urban neighborhoods. Some suburbs of Pittsburgh also have technology needs not met by shrinking education budgets.

We serve 15 United States so far, in Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, West Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, New York, Missouri, District of Columbia, Michigan, Florida, Connecticut, Oklahoma and Virginia.

Internationally we organize efforts in 20 countries that include El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Haiti, Peru, Malaysia, India, Papua New Guinea, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Liberia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Africa and Malawi.

As of August 18, 2014 a total of 1,298 different volunteers have donated their time to refurbish ...
6,616 Computers

Recent posts from the Computer Reach Blog

    National Cristina Foundation – 60 Computers   (Permanent link to post)   (Go to blog)
Computer Reach today served 60 computers to National Cristina Foundation members in 10 United States locations: 3 AK 10 CT 6 DC 6 FL 1 MI 2 MO 1 NC 22 NY 4 TX 5 VA ——– 60 total The National Cristina Foundation works to promote technology reuse by educating businesses and the public (read more...)

    Carrick Crestfield CJ July-August 2014   (Permanent link to post)   (Go to blog)
SOLE installation in Carrick neighborhood, a new group of Crestfield Campers and the CJ Friday crew with a bunch of new faces. All are included with this weeks post.

    Field and Factory   (Permanent link to post)   (Go to blog)
This week we share stories from the field … 5 families from Bellevue, PA in the S.O.L.E. ( Self Organized Learning Environments ) study on July 17, 2014: And from the factory … High school students from local districts on July 18, 2014: The Heinz Endowment Interns on July 23, 2014: Crestfield Camp and Conference (read more...)

    July 17, 2014 Crestfield Camp Service Project   (Permanent link to post)   (Go to blog)
33 volunteers from Crestfield Camp and Conference Center gathered at Computer Reach to help with multiple warehouse activities. Crestfield Camp and Conference Center 195 Taggert Rd, Slippery Rock, PA 16057 (724) 794-4022 THANKS !

    Crestfield Tackles 140 Laptops   (Permanent link to post)   (Go to blog)
Thirteen teens and adults, the Mission Possible Team from Crestfield Camp & Conference Center, were onsite today at our Computer Reach warehouse to recycle 140 computers. Thanks to Aimee Spicuzza and Laura Smith for their leadership.